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Welcome to The Nightshirt

Welcome to The Nightshirt, my workbench for thinking about mysteries, mysticism, mind, and the human future.

We can’t hope to understand our minds without addressing the places where our understanding breaks down—dreams, mystical experiences, and phenomena like UFOs and ESP that defy explanation. But it goes both ways: We won’t get very far understanding those phenomena at the edge of our scientific understanding without “including the knower in the known.”

I also don’t think we can think about the human future without thinking about the possibilities of the nonhuman, the post-human, the pre-human, and the spiritual—themes dealt with in science fiction and other border zones in film and fiction. So I spend a lot of time on this blog thinking about sci-fi.

About Me:

I’m a science writer in Washington DC with a PhD in Anthropology and a professional background working for organizations and government institutes conducting archaeology, psychology, and neuroscience research. In my spare time I meditate, read, read, re-read, cook, and collect obscure 70s vinyl—a rough translation of the alchemical motto “ora, lege, lege, relege, labora et invenies.”

I love to hear from readers and discuss this stuff via email: eric.wargo [at] Or please leave comments!

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I am a science writer and armchair Fortean based in Washington, DC. Write to me at eric.wargo [at]

18 Responses to “Welcome to The Nightshirt”

  • Hi Eric,

    With regards ETA…I wonder if you have considered how the ET phenomenon might have been handled if ptb wished to discredit it along the lines of something more ephemeral and etheric. Would they not have discredited it by playing up the elves and fairy angle? And is it not possible, that if this had occurred, you would be equally annoyed with a theory that was so easy to lampoon?
    I neither agree or disagree with your ideas. I don’t know what is going on.

    Jess Hansen aka Venus-psi-Trap

  • Thanks for your comment, Jess. I don’t either agree or disagree with my theory either, and I certainly don’t know what is going on. I just am trying to reboot the ETH to be more of a contender alongside the other good theories.

  • Hello,
    I am listening to your Paracast interview. I have a theory as to why we age regarding the issue of time. My theory is related to not aging with time but aging due to experience. Existence on earth maybe an opportunity for entities to have a physical experience. It is the quantity of experiences that we have that results in aging. If someone with a difficult life and difficult experiences they will age more in less amount of time. I’m enjoying the show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.
    Sincerely, Kathleen

  • I’m a New Zealander interested in Forteana who came across this blog recently – just wanted to commend you on the excellent research and writing on display here.

dean ballinger on July 16th, 2015 at 7:40 pm
  • Thanks, Dean!

  • Hello Eric,

    What a wonderful site. As a fellow wonderer in this strange world I am glad to see you have a broad interest in all things happening on this edge of reality.

    My question. Do you have any books regarding these topic that you would recommend in particular? If you are interested, you can take a look at my read and rated books on goodreads:

    In the meantime, I have a lot of archives to explore!

    Thank you.

  • Thanks, David! There are too many books and authors to name, but I mention a lot of them in my posts.

  • Hi Eric, I am a painter and work with Anthroposophy. Thanks for your articles on OBEs and astral travel. Rudolf Steiner had very exact clairvoyance and described many of the possibilities of research in this area. Much of the experience out of body will be defined by the individual karma and orientation of the individual. Initiation and the Great Work have been thoroughly updated and presented by him for the modern mind and scientific orientation. His books and lectures provide inavaluable orientation to many of the experiences you’re describing and build on alchemy and disciplined thought / meditation. Also invaluable are the 8 volumes he wrote on karmic relationships, detailed research of reincarnation. Let me know if you want to converse further. I live in Switzerland. Ps Thanks for the work you posted from Bothwell great stuff!

  • Thanks, Richard! Glad you liked that article. Yes, Bothwell is wonderful.

  • Hi Eric,
    I am so happy to have stumbled on your blog. I’m almost done with a solid revision of a sci-fi novel that goes into some of the subjects you are writing about, and reading your well digested thoughts on things like Syntropy, Jung, Systems, and Psi today has been rewarding. A lot of these ideas have been on my mind in one form or another for a while, and have been working on art projects to articulate them. Having lived through some bizarre things myself, I’m questioning the timing and force of it all. Have you done any research into how incidents of trauma function as a portals into the “universe next door”? Or in Syntropic terms, the PTSD pulls one through, as much as love would. Okay back to work.

  • Thanks, Arturo! Trauma is definitely linked to psi and psi ability, but not necessarily in the way people commonly think: It seems to be our mixed emotions at traumas, including “unspeakable enjoyment,” that carries the psi signal from the future:

  • Eric,

    I was reading the Art of Memory this morning at a coffee shop. Your post is wonderful; such an excellent book Yates wrote. Nice to see someone else interested in this invaluable and exciting work!


  • Thanks, Brett!

  • We’re sitting on our Del Ray deck reminiscing about the old days. Hope you’re well. I think we miss you!

  • Hey! I miss your Del Ray deck. We should meet at Taqueria Poblano sometime. You need to meet the wife and baby 🙂

  • I found it by myself through my own “selfproof” i dont think they know or do they and there just humble?were exactly am i in you have categories or someway to help me understand exactly how thus feels so i can continue to grow.
    The “split mind”…its not an act or is it a “skit”?i guess you would know at my big fat wedding(movie).
    “=dual meaning…its absolutely necessary to….interpret….interpret… only 27…i graduated highschool and have lived a “weird” life…but now i “see” “you” “to”

  • I think the only ” answer ” to our doubts about the meaning in life stands in the probability that we are in a virtual ” game of life ” like The Sims.

    This is something that also limits the existence of our own personality because we might be anybody out there ( out there as in : in a real – reality outside the universe and therefore forever non – tangible by us in here )and we might have” played ” thousands of different personalities in every possible point of the timeline.

    I also think we should consider the idea of multiverse even if it has limits : if one Always avoids death by immediately transferring his personality to the ” frequency ” of the parallel clone that escaped the event, how about Death by aging? Can somebody forever escape aging by transferring into a parallel universe? who knows

    but since there is also this probabilty we should consider it.