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A Control System (The Right to Bear Experience, Part Deux)

Thursday, 9 December, 2010

A theme running through all of Jacques Vallee’s writings, and expressed beautifully in my favorite of his books, The Invisible College, is that UFOs seem like a control system, a kind of thermostat that, through recorded history, has periodically kicked in to regulate the human psyche. His study of patterns of UFO waves revealed to […]

Cryptohominids Live in the Uncanny Valley

Tuesday, 26 October, 2010

The reasons for resistance to fortean subjects like UFOs and bigfoot are numerous. It is now abundantly documented that the U.S. government and military have gone to great lengths to prevent UFOs from being taken seriously by the public, and the reasons are easy to understand: More technologically advanced beings freely entering our airspace, meddling […]

Seeing and Knowing: UFOs and the American Religion

Sunday, 5 September, 2010

“If a UFO lands in a forest and there’s no one there to see it, was there ever really a UFO?” – Mark Pilkington, Mirage Men The American religion, wrote literary critic Harold Bloom, is only superficially Christianity or any of its mainstream varieties. If you look under the surface of the diverse varieties of […]

Boskops, Bigfoot, and the Problematic Intelligence of Cryptids

Monday, 4 January, 2010

The weird and sort of shady neighborhood of the blogosphere I haunt was lately abuzz (a-twitter?) about a new book called Big Brain: The Origins and Future of Human Intelligence, by neuroscientists Gary Lynch and Richard Granger. I haven’t read it yet, but I gather it’s an account of the evolution of the large human […]

Bigfoot, UFOs, and the Right to Bear Experience

Tuesday, 8 September, 2009

I’ve been writing here lately about UFOs, which is something of a departure for me. But for a long time I’ve been interested in things Fortean—amazing or paranormal experiences, mysticism, the occult and the paranormal, or fringe-science topics like extraterrestrials and Bigfoot—in short, things that transcend the humdrum and everyday. Part of the reason is, […]