The Nightshirt Sightings, Portents, Forebodings, Suspicions


Does anybody else think that UFO is too sterile a term? That it fails to capture the emotion behind our quest, the astonishment that drives a witness of something “unidentified” to seek answers?

I’ve decided to, as much as possible, replace the term UFO with WTF. Because that really gets it better, don’t you think? “WTF was that?” “I don’t know WTF it was, but it was moving fast, and then just disappeared!”

“Look dad, it’s a WTF!!”

Changing the name of Ufology to WTFology is a long-overdue step. Who’s with me?



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3 Responses to “WTFology”

  • I’m with you but I think we’re stuck with it, in the same way we are stuck with terms like religion and the New Age.

  • Well I’m all for it. The term is certainly a bit more encompassing than UFO. Plus, “UFO” has unfortunately become synonymous with “alien spacecraft.” Unfortunate as there are so many other (and WTF weirder) possibilities.