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NASA Acknowledges WTFs Near Space Shuttle

Four mysterious objects were detected and filmed near the space shuttle Atlantis, and uncharacteristically NASA acknowledged this encounter — and that such UFOs are witnessed frequently on shuttle missions. See the Fox news report here:

A report on another UFO sighting during Atlantis’s last mission is here:

Check it out.



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3 Responses to “NASA Acknowledges WTFs Near Space Shuttle”

  • UFo’s have always excited me a lot and I have loved watching videos that show any new update about them. NASA always comes up with many. I just feel how lucky those astronauts must be who get a chance to see these cosmic miracles! Thanks Eric for the videos

  • Thanks for posting such great video.. There are so many mysterious stuff that are going on outside our planet.. It makes me excited knowing what was really the light that passes by.. Hope astronauts can identify that..

  • interesting! i do believe that those thing do really exist… 🙂