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… Speaking of Blade Runner

Blade RunnerI have just paused Blade Runner: The Final Cut. It has taken me, what, two years, to watch this version, I guess because I’m so attached to The Director’s Cut that I was afraid of being disappointed. But this version is better (so far). The changes are very subtle, almost unnoticeable (mostly slight editing tweaks), and they are all spot-on improvements (as if the previous versions needed improving). I’m reminded yet again why this is one of the best films ever made and why it has always been my favorite. I’ve seen this movie, in various versions, more than any other movie, and I’m always sucked right in. I never stop noticing new nuances, and never stop loving it.

This time I am astonished at the beauty of just a momentary beat in the film: the bicyclists outside of Eye World. Maybe the harp music has been slightly amplified. But this postapocalyptic LA is such a beautiful place. If there’s a nuclear war I hope it makes the world like this.


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2 Responses to “… Speaking of Blade Runner”

  • I was on the road with my band, playing in Ft. Lauderdale, when I saw the words: ‘Blade Runner: Final Cut’ on the marquee of an old, restored theater there. What a thrill it was to see the film again on the big screen; it looks spectacular. Black sheets of rain falling on the glorious neon cityscapes soaked me in my seat, and the details in that film… Ridley Scott is a true visionary.

  • Just stumbled onto your website. I havent seen the version you refer to but Blade Runner is without doubt one of my favorite movies. Based on Dick’s peculiar vision… and Philip K. Dick without doubt is an entity unto himself.

    I remember reading somewhere, a comment that I think an editor made, or one of his agents, that his work had such an alien quality he wondered if Dick perhaps was one, or in touch with one. And indeed his work is unusual. Total Recall, but especially Minority Report, both do some justice to his peculiar- unique- vision. But Blade Runner stands out… the origin of the name is interesting as well coming from William Burroughs ala the novel The Bladerunner by Alan Nourse…

    Your thoughts re Mac Tonnies book and hybrids are interesting as well. We have discovered hundreds of planets but just how unique is our Earth? Perhaps more so than we can even begin to suspect right now. Still I am convinced, as convinced as you can be without shall we say touching the monument itself, there are pyramids on Mars. Where did they come from… who put them there… what are they for…

    I know Vallee’s trail led him to alchemy and the fairies. There it really seemed to come to an end. Everything going on in UFO territory seems to turn about these subjects- well perhaps I should include along with Keel demonology. The substance of these disciplines seems a bit forgotten, but their husks are quite sturdy!