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And a Fifth…

Rick Phillips (UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock) has found a fifth, intriguing video of the “Jerusalem UFO”:

Unlike the other videos, I’m slightly suspicious of this one on first viewing: It reminds me a bit of Cloverfield — people pretending to act totally real and spontaneous for a hand-held camera, but ever so slightly overdoing it. Of course, I can’t understand what the kids are saying, so that doesn’t help.

Are these videos real? Are they fake? Are some of them real and some of them technically adept copycats made for fun or to discredit the real ones?

If the whole thing is a hoax, it’s a brilliant (and very elaborate) one.

Ufology can be maddening sometimes!

[edit 2/5/11: Micah Hanks, at Mysterious Universe, discusses the viral marketing speculation surrounding these Jerusalem videos, with particular reference to this one. He mentions the videos “surfacing” on the web in advance of J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield, for example.]


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