The Nightshirt Sightings, Portents, Forebodings, Suspicions


Much as I was eager to believe in the authenticity of the recent series of very convincing videos of a UFO over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount (previous posts), the growing feeling in the UFO blogosphere is that they’re probably fake, and the arguments are persuasive.

To the untrained eye, the videos look very real, but they are evidently well within the capabilities of anyone with even off-the-shelf special effects software. HOAXKiller1, who clearly knows his way around that stuff, has posted a series of videos on YouTube showing how even the subtle convincing details in the videos could easily have been achieved in Adobe AfterEffects, and showing some telltale signs that some of the videos probably were indeed made that way.

The possibility remains that only some of the videos are hoaxed–and according to Micah Hanks at the Gralien Report, there is at least one separate eyewitness account reported in an Israeli newspaper. But until more witnesses come forward, one eyewitness is not enough to tip the scales.

But again, stay tuned. More details are certain to emerge.


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